FEATURES: Time tracking

Make Time Tracking Less Tedious (And Easier to Manage)

Don’t love tracking time? Does anyone? It’s one of the hurdles that most of us freelancers have to face. Harlow helps to ease that emotional barrier by making it simple and effortless.

Time Tracking Your Way
Track time as you go, or log your time freely. You can tie your time back to clients, projects, specific tasks, or a mix of all three to keep organized.
Be Transparent With Your Time
We all have those clients who want a little additional detail. Harlow makes it easy to download your time logs and send them directly to your client.
Automatically Add Time to Invoices

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Simply track your time against specific clients or projects and when it’s time to invoice, we’ll add the time with the click of a button. Approve and send. Easy as that.

Understand Your Business

You can easily get an overview of how you’ve spent your time and on which clients. Our time tracking dashboard will help you understand where you’re spending the bulk of your effort.

“I love that Harlow is intuitive and user-friendly! It offers all of the main components freelancers need (clients, contracts, invoices, and tasks/to-dos) in one centralized location.”

Alyssa Towns

Freelance Writer

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Time tracking is just one of the many benefits of organizing your business with Harlow! Our all-in-one freelance tool also helps you:
"I LOVE how simple it is. How things just 'work'. How everything's in one place. I've tried similar tools before, which were an absolute pain to manage -- Harlow felt like a breeze." Nicola Scoon, Freelance Content Writer
"I love how easy it is to use, and how much it streamlines my process with multiple clients." Mercer Smith, Customer Experience Consultant
"The interface is soothing and the functionality is ultra-smooth. It wasn’t intimidating to start using as some new apps can be." Brian Blee, Freelance Designer

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