Stress less. Accomplish more.

Let Harlow lighten your workload. From client onboarding to invoicing, we’ve got you covered.

Client Management

Keep client data organized

Harlow integrates with Google Workspace, giving you a complete, uncluttered view of your customers. See your client meetings, tasks, and upcoming invoices all in one place.

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Proposals & Contracts

Templates designed to save you time

Leverage our beautifully designed pre-built templates and customize based on your needs. Users can send proposals directly through Harlow, track progress, and execute contracts with e-signatures.

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Get paid on time

Whether you charge by the hour, by the month, or the project, our flexible invoicing supports the way you do business. Auto-create invoices for ongoing clients or send reminders for late payments.

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Project & Task Management

Stay on top of client work

Need help hitting deadlines? We’ve got you covered. View your tasks by client or project, track time against tasks, and create subtasks – all the basics you need to manage your day-to-day.

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Own your hours

Easily track time against clients, tasks, or projects. Get a clear picture of how and where you spend your time, and charge your clients accurately.

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"I LOVE how simple it is. How things just 'work'. How everything's in one place. I've tried similar tools before, which were an absolute pain to manage -- Harlow felt like a breeze." Nicola Scoon, Freelance Content Writer
"I love how easy it is to use, and how much it streamlines my process with multiple clients." Mercer Smith, Customer Experience Consultant

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Save time and reduce stress with Harlow’s intuitive freelance management solution.