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5 Ways to Find Freelance HR Jobs

This is a guest post contributed by Jase Bluemontt. Jase has been a business consultant for over 3 years now. She teaches other entrepreneurs how to promote their businesses efficiently and find new gigs.

HR freelancing is a large and growing industry. The jobs are abundant and range from HR planning and policy, talent acquisition and recruitment, employee and leadership development, and more. And like many other freelance specialties, freelance HR work isn’t always discovered through online marketplaces, but rather through local relationships. One example that Forbes highlights is how business school professors often find freelance work as consultants or corporate educators through their industry contacts — not through a job website.

If you’re looking to land any of these positions, keep reading for our five tips on finding freelance HR jobs.


Understand the basics of networking

Networking is always helpful, but having connections is especially necessary for HR professionals because the industry is large and local. Return to the basics and mine contacts from past jobs or interactions. These contacts will become the foundation on which you can build your career going forward.

Don’t limit yourself to job fairs. Transform every business conference, training seminar, or university lecture into networking events by making contacts and spotting potential future clients. Starting a conversation is easier when you have prepared a basic elevator pitch, but always lead in by discussing common ground such as the event, location, or industry demands.

Study trends on modern recruiting

In a heavily competitive field, freelance HR workers have to stand out. They can do that by demonstrating a clear understanding of what HR managers do. Study the emerging trends in human resources — from the increasing usage of social media for vetting potential employees, to the adoption of software platforms for automating data entry and analysis processes.

Don’t be afraid to discuss these in detail by networking or offering your services. Despite the abundance of HR consulting businesses, many still hesitate to outsource HR, worried that an outsider’s perspective cannot provide tailored solutions. Displaying your expertise in the field reassures clients that freelancing isn’t a difficulty, but an advantage that gives you a keener and more objective analysis of the industry.

Learn how to cold pitch

Networking online is important too. Cold pitches are a necessary tool to connect with companies you want to work with. Pattern this after your basic elevator pitch and don’t forget to uniquely appeal to clients by highlighting common grounds and interests.

Here, it’s essential to do your homework. Discover your target clients’ mission and principles, as well as any recent launches or campaigns, to which you genuinely believe you can add value. Personalizing your cold pitch around a clear proposal will help you cut through the clutter of an overflowing inbox.

Build a personalized website

Whether you’re cold pitching or networking in person, it helps to have a portfolio to showcase your skills and accomplishments. A simple freelance website that showcases your services, including a profile and testimonials, is a great place to start.

This is a cost-efficient way to show off your professionalism and talents. However, websites require regular updates, so you need to look into a user-friendly website builder.

Explore talent marketplaces

Finally, work can be found in online marketplaces if you know where to look. Because an estimated 36% of American workers are involved in the gig economy, there are several websites for finding freelance HR jobs. These can range from Guru for experienced freelancers to Fiverr for beginners. Beyond websites, there are even social media groups on Facebook or threads on Reddit that serve as networking platforms while providing job opportunities.

Solely utilizing online talent marketplaces isn’t enough, though. Combining the above strategies could allow freelancers to find HR work more efficiently, and solidify the field of HR in the freelance revolution.

About the Author
Jase Bluemontt has been a business consultant for over 3 years now. She teaches other entrepreneurs how to promote their businesses efficiently and find new gigs.

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